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Doctors and hairdressers everywhere are used to complaints about falling hair. Men and women panic when they see vast amounts of hair on the shower floor, when they comb their hair or when they wake up in the morning and want to know why. Hair salons, stylists and barbers have reported that it is usually the first thing their customers want to quietly discuss when they sit down for their haircuts, styling and hair care sessions. It’s no surprise that almost everyone is losing hair these days (whether they know it or not).

Aging, unbalanced food intake, environment, unhealthy lifestyle habits, genetics and your stress levels can cause your hair to thin and fall out.

Hair Loss Is Embarrassing.

It can have a devastating effect in every area your life – mentally, psychologically, in your work performance, relationships with the opposite sex: your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, friends, relatives, etc – everything just goes down south.

We know how it feels – the more hair you lose… the more insecure... the more humiliated you feel.

You feel unattractive, old and ashamed to been seen with unsightly bald, thinning patches on your head and you'll do just about anything to turn back time and solve the problem entirely while you still can!

On the other hand, great hair is considered the embodiment of female beauty and femininity. And having healthy, shiny, bouncy hair makes a woman look much younger, feel more vibrant and ooze with sex appeal. For men, great hair gives them confidence and self assurance; which leads to having a naturally positive, upbeat and charismatic attitude.

EcoHerbs™ has finally come to provide you with a total hair care solution that will bring beauty and youth back to your appearance. Our serums have been certified by Biochem Laboratories Analysis 2011:

Test Method Used: FDA-FAM 1995
Test Method Used: Ph.Eur Method 2.6.13
Test Method Used: AS1766.2.2:1980

We are constantly updated with the latest innovations and research findings in the hair care and hair treatment industry – as we are committed 100% to serve you with only the best products, service and information for your hair care needs.

Our Mission

First founded on 6th November 2010, our mission is to impact as many people around the globe who are suffering from hair loss and provide them with an alternative solution to treat their problems once and for all; with a 100% herbal-based, all-natural, chemical free hair re-growth treatment with zero side-effects that is much cheaper and much way effective than all the other available hair loss treatments that easily costs thousands with dismal results.

We pride ourselves in being one of the very FIRST to uncover a *breakthrough* formulation that has been proven to permanently and effectively cure hair loss and we will remain at the forefront in hair loss research and development for years to come.