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It took me app 6 - 7 months to grow all my hair back with your ginseng serum and shampoos. I was disciplined and I applied them consistently every day without fail. Till this day I am still shocked by how such an inexpensive product as yours could work because I have spent close to $7000+ in the past year on many different products, clinics, treatments; you name it, I tried them all, nothing worked. I first tested yours with extreme skepticism too lol (can you blame me?;) Within the first 3 weeks of application, my hair loss completely stopped and I started to see baby hairs growing in the front! And what you see today, it's 90% close what it looks like before my drastic hair thinning, so thank you for such amazing products, I've recommended this to all my family and friends as I'm convinced now that it really DOES work! Go herbal! — Jeff P

I used to feel insecure and have confidence problems with the women and at work because of my awkward bald spot at the top of my head. I easily spent close to $20,000 over the years trying all sorts of hair care treatments which probably got me to grow a few strands of baby hair at most. I tried your product because it was cheap just for the sake of trying, but the moment I started using it I instantly felt the difference. My hair loss stopped within 3 weeks of using and after 6 months, my bald spot at the top has more or less grown back I still cannot believe it, my friends are also noticing my new glow and the image change in me, I couldn't be happier! Have already recommended to a couple of my friends who have lost hope with their hair loss, hopefully your product can help them too. — A. Raj

I love the overall herbal moisture and feel of your Ginseng it soothes my scalp each time I apply it. I used to feel depressed all the time worrying about my thinning hair and frankly I'm still amazed how such an inexpensive product as yours have managed to solve my biggest nightmare when I've easily spent thousands on other products with nothing to show. My hair loss stopped within a month using your serum, dandruff problems settled, no more dried skin and grew back the entire back portion of my hair within 5 months! — Susan G

I have been suffering from severe hair thinning for the past 4 years to the point I practically gave up all hope after having close to $17,000 on ineffective treatments with a bruised ego and zero results. The first week I used your product I was amazed at how it completely stopped my hair loss and within 7 months I've almost grown back a healthy, thick and full volume of hair on my crown! What's even more amazing is how affordable your products are unlike what's outside with little or no results. The herbs soothes my scalp and love the refreshing feels each time I apply it. Thank you! I've recommended it all my family and friends! — Gerard M

I've been using it consistently everyday for 3 months, my hair loss has stopped and I'm so happy that the chunks of hair I've lost have all grown back! I'm slowly getting my confidence back, the past couple of months have been a NIGHTMARE – thinning hair for a woman is something NO WOMAN wants to go through, it really took a toll mentally, physically; especially on the relationship with my boyfriend. I'm so grateful that he was so patient in putting up with my mood swings then, but I'm even more grateful that your product did what no other drug/treatment could do for me in the past – stop my hair loss and grow it back PERMANENTLY. I've recommended all my friends to get it!
— Megan R

I have tried countless hair loss products in the market for over a year with very disappointing results, and a big hole in my pocket. Since using EcoHerbs™, my hair loss has stopped within weeks of using it, and I've already grown back hair in my thinning spots within 3 months of using it. What's amazing about it is how cheap your solution is at just over $100, I've recommended a number of my friends to use it too, thank you Marc for giving me my confidence back! — Ralph A

Imagine… Feeling Attractive, Confident and Vibrant Again.

If you're going for hair transplants, hair care treatment centers, or any other over-the-counter (OTC) drug or chemical based treatments, you'll easily be charged thousands; ridiculous, exorbitant prices for treatments that are often dangerous, have permanent side-effects or end up with dismal results at best.

What you want instead is a solid, practical and affordable solution with permanent results. And that's exactly what you're going to get with our herbal shampoos and serums...

Are You Going To Continue To Watch Your Hair Get Thinner And Thinner... Until EVERYTHING'S Gone?

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It’s important for you to do something now before it becomes shiny bald. Because once your hair is shiny bald, it will be very difficult to grow back hair, simply because you won’t have any more hair roots to grow from then.

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